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On this page, I have archived some of my previous writing and lecturing assignments prior to the fall of 2015.  More recent work is listed under individual blog posts.  Please note that data presented herein is relevant to the original date of the lecture, and medical knowledge my have progressed since.

2018: Chapter 2 of the curriculum: Click: Oncology CPD

Free to register, has an entire curriculum for Perioperative Medicine clinicians.

2017: article "Preoperative evaluation and management of patients with cancer" with Drs. Manzullo and Weed at this link

2015: Perioperative Implications of Neoadjuvant Therapies and Optimization Strategies for Cancer Surgery 2015 at this link.

2015: I have been invited as a guest lecturer for the Monash University and Alfred Hospital Masters in Perioperative Medicine course in Melbourne, Australia.  A video of my remote lecture from June 2015 is available at this <link>.

2013: Perioperative Assessment of the Cancer Patient 2013 at this <link>.

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